Crosman 1377

Crosmods started as a competition between friends to see who could build a better airgun

utilizing the 1377 platform that was a childhood toy. Upon searching for aftermarket parts

the competition between two friends came to an abrupt halt in finding that most if not all

aftermarket parts suppliers have long since dissappeared and left a wake of abandoned

websites behind. Upon locating the last of the few distributors, parts were ordered and

everything seemed to be coming together. After weeks of not receiving parts that were

ordered, The decision was made to go ahead and build our own parts from nothing

but a blank piece of material and a dream of what a childhood toy could become with

a bit of vision and hard work. Thus the 1377 sniper kit was born. Upon completion

and testing of the first gun it seemed that we have created something completely different

and unique for the crosman platform. After all our hard work was complete, I received

a package in the mail containing the parts i ordered months ago only to find that the

parts were for a different gun that could not have been used anyway.Those parts sit on

our work bench today as a reminder of what we dont want to become, Hence we at crosmods

are dedicated to building the finest in aftermarket parts for the 13XX and 22xx gun platforms

keeping all parts in stock and becoming your one stop shop for parts, accessories and

support for all your airgun needs.

And yes i did win the airgun build off between my friend and myself!