Crosman 1377

These grips can be used left or right handed and feature

a high traction texture. Can be used for compact pistols

and target rifle configurations.

price: $30.00 ea.

This is the ultimate grip for competition form and feel.

Completely ergoniomic to fit the shooters hand with

integrated palm rest assures a relaxed grip for

highest accuracy when shooting, hunting or just

backyard plinking.

price: $40

This pump handle is a direct replacment for the 13XX

pistols and drasticaly improves looks, feel and function

by providing a larger base grip for your pumper. No more

pinched fingers, Youll want to put those extra few power

pumps into your gun.

price: $45.00

This foregrip provideds a solid base for handling and looks

for all 22XX models and allows access for inserting and removing

your Co2 cartridges while maintaining feel and fuctionality.

(Foregrip clamp needed for installation)

price: $45.00

This foregrip is designed specificaly for the discovery based rifles

and also provides a cutout for the gauge assembly. Can also be

used on the longer 22XX models

price: $65.00 ea.

This clamp allows the user to attach a foregrip to the pump

tube on 22XX and dicovery based rifles. This clamp can be used

on any 7/8 dia. tube for use in mounting auxilary accessories

such as lights, lasers, or fabricated foregrips and handles made

form your designated materials.

price: $28.00